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Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Board Set Wooden Game Handmade. Classic Game of Brilliance. Small Chess Pieces. 7 Inches


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The Handcrafted Wooden Folding Magnetic Chess Set was made specifically with travel in mind. Measuring 7 inches by 3.5 inches in size and very light in weight. the chess set can easily fit into a handbag. backpack or carry-on to take with you on the road. The board features strong brass hinges and a single brass fastener. The underside is lined with green velveteen and is cut away. so that you can place the pieces inside and latch the board to carry everything in one handy package. When you're playing with the Handcrafted Wooden Folding Magnetic Chess Set. you never have to worry about pieces moving out of place if they're bumped or you hit air turbulence or a pothole! That's because the board and pieces are magnetized. allowing them to stay securely in place until you lift a piece to make a move. The Handcrafted Wooden Folding Magnetic Chess Set is of much finer quality than any chess set that you'll find in stores. All of the pieces and the board are made from high quality hardwoods. giving them a handsome look and making them ultra durable. Skilled woodworkers from North India take the time to carve each piece by hand. and the board is handcrafted as well. The artisans' attentiveness to detail makes each set of unparalleled quality. This set is one you can enjoy again and again for years to come. Make any outing or vacation a success with the perfect activity to reach for when boredom sets in! Order the Handcrafted Wooden Folding Magnetic Chess Set for yourself or to give as a gift to a child or your favorite chess lover for any occasion.
READY TO TRAVEL Stow the pieces inside of the board and fold it up to carry it in your purse or a bag; Measures just 7 x 3.5 inch
BEAUTIFUL DESIGN Only the finest of hardwoods are used to produce the board and pieces
NO MORE LOST PIECES Equipped with magnets. so you'll never have to worry about pieces falling off the board
Made for All - Recommended for both kids and adults
The Best Holiday Gift for Children - because it is an educational game and sharpens the intelligence. It makes horse sense to own one and it's a great gift for anyone

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