Northwest Corner The Captain's Mistress



Northwest Corner The Captain's Mistress

The classic game of 'four in a row'. that has been enjoyed by children and adults for centuries.During his long sea voyages. Captain Cook was apparently often absent of an evening and eventually the crew began to joke that he must have a mistress in his cabin. When they discovered that the Captain had simply been playing this game with the ship's scientists. the game was christened 'The Captain's Mistress'!The same game as you know from your childhood (but no plastic!). Simply take turns to pop the balls into the chutes - the first person to achieve four balls diagonally or orthogonally wins. At game's end. pull the bottom retaining 'gangplank' and the hardwood 'rounds' drop back into the cabinet.The playing area hinges down for storage into the attractively finished cabinet. The cabinet has brass fittings. a burlwood inlay. mitered joints and a lustrous stained finish. Dimensions are 290 x 230 x 75mm (11.5 x 9 x 3 inches).This game is simple but can require deep thought. It's a great game for children in particular.For ages 9 and up.Contiene pequeñas piezas. No apto para menores de 4 años.Dimensiones aproximadas: 29 x 23 x 7.5cmProduct Ref.: 00022K
Nicely made wooden 4 in a row game
Contained within a smart wooden case
Wooden balls in dark and light finishes
Attractive Burl wood lid
The classic game of connecting 4 pieces to win

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