Play Today Chinese Checkers in Leatherette Box with Glass Marbles



Play Today Chinese Checkers in Leatherette Box with Glass Marbles

Chinese Checkers (or Chinese Chequers) was invented in the 1920s in America and has nothing to do with China. In fact it's based on an earlier Victorian game called Halma which is played on a square 16 x 16 chequer board.At Masters Traditional Games. we know that cheap Chinese Checkers games can be found all over the place so for our discerning customers we put effort into finding things that are either high quality or a little bit special in some way. We think that ours is the most interesting selection of Chinese Checkers boards around.An attractive Chinese Chess set that is certainly unusual... we should clarify that Chinese Checkers is NOT a Chinese game. but this board none-the-less comes in a classical antique-effect Chinese style box.The set is nicely made and comprises a Chinese Checkers board with glass marbles presented in a wooden game box. The robust red-coloured wooden box features a smart leatherette finish with a lid that serves to keep the marbles from getting lost. The inside of the lid is faced with Chinese writing paper while the top features a Chinese themed decorative picture. Please note that the lid design can vary from the product photo. The wooden board is separate and can be removed from the box to play. if preferred.The game board is a fine size for play (33 x 30cm) with medium sized marbles that are not too fiddly. There are triangular pits around the edge of the board that can be used to store the marbles when not in use.A distinctive Chinese Checkers game that would make a lovely gift.Contiene pequeñas piezas. No apto para menores de 4 años.Dimensiones aproximadas: 36 x 33 x 5cmProduct Ref.: 000W60
Chinese Checkers game presented in a leatherette covered wooden box
Box is embossed with decoration of Chinese themes - lid design can vary
Includes six sets of glass playing pieces in different colours
Separate wooden game board that can be removed from outer box
A Chinese Checkers game with an unusual eye-catching design

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