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SiamMandalay®: Solitaire Tree - Wooden Peg Puzzle Sequential Move One Player Puzzle. 3D Combination Brain Teaser Puzzle with


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A timeless game for a single player! To start. fill the tree with pegs. except for the center hole. To play. remove pegs from the tree from the board by jumping them with adjacent pieces. Land your final piece in the center hole to win. Combination puzzles. also known as sequential move puzzles. are a form of mechanical puzzle popularized in movies and culture. This category of puzzles represent two of the most famous puzzles of all time. the Rubik's Cube and the Towers of Hanoi. as well as classic games like Solitaire.
One Player Peg Puzzles: Solitaire Tree Wooden Peg Game
Handmade Sequential Move Puzzles: Hand Carved on Premium Grade Monkeypod
Wooden Combination Puzzles: SiamMandalay’s 3D Brain Teaser Collection is for the serious puzzler and the amateur – adults and children.
Lifetime Guarantee: On All SiamMandalay and Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles
Improve Cognitive Ability: Wooden Puzzles are proven to improve cognitive capabilities. sharpen thought speed and increase clarity.

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